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Does anyone know anything about this insurance company?

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Apr 23, 2005
A while back I was told to check out insurance companies because they use to hire pilots to fly around and do claims adjusting. So I sent out some resumes. I recieved a response from this company. While not a flying position was a good response. I thought about maybe taking a job there while I worked on the side at building my hours. Of course I asked for time to think about it. It was a generous offer. At least a hella lot more than what I would make as a CFI. You guys know anything about this company? Also are any of you from ohio and know of some flight schools or companies that might take on a CFI to fly weekends?

Very interesting. If you want to fly for a living though you got to suck it up in the short term. Live at the airport and pick up any flight you can.

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