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Does ANYBODY understand the new NPRM for rest rules?

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Tokyo Tokyo!
Dec 16, 2001
I tried to read the 20+ pages of the NPRM and all saw was page after page of tables, matrixes and odd numbers like 12:15 and 7.25 etc...

here we have a chance to once and fore all apply some common sense to this critical topic, maybe at the same time create a few jobs and all I'm finding is a mess of regulations that don't make sense..

The whole "local base" thing... what does that mean for us international pilots? If I'm based in MIA but most of my flights that month are out of Mumbai, does this mean that my company is going to schedule my flights on local time MIA to maximize my rest even though I'm operating out of India all that month?????

You'd think with a former ALPA guy running the FAA we'd get common sense from it!
Remember that Babbitt is the ALPA president who agreed to outsource mainline jobs. Common sense from him? You ain't gonna git none!
It is quite complex and for that reason most of the international cargo carriers who will now be pulled under the umbrella of FAA rest regulations have asked for extensions of between 30 and 60 days to review it or, as one carrier said, to refute it.
yeah i understand it. It means more flight time, less duty time, basically the same rest time and less overall pilots.

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