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does a BE99 require 2 pilots?

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Seeing the light
Nov 27, 2001
is it possible that a cargo operator could have it in their ops specs that a 2 pilot crew is required? what would be the criteria for doing that?

Assuming its part 135...

In order to be single pilot IFR they must have an autopilot and demonstrate that they can use that autopilot on an approach. Otherwise they have to have 2 pilots to fly IFR.
thanks. I had heard that it weighs less than 12,500 and only required one pilot. A local cargo company sometimes has 2, sometimes just the one, and I wondered how that all worked.
Single Pilot

KSU Aviator is wrong...
I have over 1,000 hours in the BE-99, all of it during 135 ops and all of it alone. We had no auto pilot.
We also flew the BE-1900 single pilot with no auto pilot, but that of course required a single pilot type ride. Busy, but fun.
The old C model 99 was a great airplane, the A and B model left a little to be desired... and you are right, since it was under 12,500 lbs it did not require a type ride - just a regular old 135 IFR check ride.
You can put a guy in the right seat, but you sure don't need him. When I left the freight industry and started flying the BE-1900 for an airline (street captain), I remember being somewhat bored because I had someone sitting next to me doing most of the work!
Enjoy the 99!
Definantly true. You can also fly the Metro single pilot 135 and it is over 12,500. You just have to have a single pilot type in that plane and it has to be in the op specs.

Fly safe.
Beech 99

Depends on the operator's op specs.

You can configure almost ANY airplane to fly single-pilot. The question is, should you?

Hope that helps.
I definantly agree with bobby above, some planes really shouldn't be single pilot when they are. It is not to bad when eveything is working, but lose and engine or something else serious and the work load in INTENSE!

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