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Do you think SWA will ever fly into CO

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Active member
Apr 2, 2002
Does anyone here think that SWA will ever serve Colorado in the future. It just seems COS would be a great place to have service to and from. People in CO would love it.

Take care and fly safe,

Something must be blocking Southwest from serving COS because it seems like it is an ideal market for them. I would bet it is one of the few obvious markets left for them to expand to. Can anyone think of another off the top of their head?

I recall that they were here in Denver briefly. I never knew why they pulled out until I read in Hard Landing by Petzinger that they left because the cold winter weather here blunted their 20-minute turnaround policy.

On reflection, I don't quite understand that because I know they fly into Providence, which isn't exactly balmy in winter sometimes.

I think that Southwest would do well here. I'd bet they'd undercut Continental and American big time for the Dallas and Houston routes; maybe Kansas City and LAX as well, too. I don't remember if they go to Vegas; I believe they do and that would be a good market, too.

Tell Herb I said so. :D
This may be just old hear-say or urban legend, but I used to live in Colorado... it was several years back, but I heard there was some sort of personal conflict between Herb and then CO governor Roy Romer. Herb declared that SWA would never serve CO. Whether that actually had anything to do with it or not, so far, it's been true.
rumors rumors rumors

From what I've heard from all my SWA friends is that Flx is pretty close. If it wasn't Romer it was Pena who Herb was pissed at.

Supposedly, they've been looking again. DIA is out because of the very high gate costs, ldg fees, taxes, you name it. I've heard via the new hire class Q & A sessions that COS is in the top 5 for opening, but not a priority right now. Can you say east coast domination?

Hope these rumors spread a little fire through CO. (bad choice of words)

The Springs is such a great market, I am surprised that some other low-cost carrier hasn't moved in yet--if not SWA. Hmmm...I heard that folks in COS like the color blue...

Sorry. Couldn't help but advertise a bit.

Seriously, as I recall, WestPac did a booming business out of COS during their brief rise to glory prior to their untimely move to DEN. The sight of the Simpson-painted 737 flying over my (at 4 DME) house was neat, especially with Marge's hair flowing up the entire length of the vertical stabilizer.
If memory serves, I believe that UAL had something to do with whatever "untimely" fortunes befell WestPac. Like flying DC10's between DEN and COS, for example. WestPac simply didn't have the wherewithall to withstand that kind of assault. SWA, well that would be another story altogether.
Hey Flx757...

I noticed you have time in the Dash 7. Who was that flying for if you don't mind me asking.

hey bobby

you should see vegas with SWA it's crazy because their everywhere. I would bet there are as many flights for SWA out of vegas as thier houston and dallas hubs.

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