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Do the majors hire fractional crew?

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I know probably 10-20 people personally that were hired from either ExecJet or Raytheon Travel Air. I don't think the majors have a hang-up with biz jets.

The majors love fractionals

For a while, EJA was losing 5 to 10 guys a month. I know EJAers that have
gone to Fed Ex, Delta, American, SouthWest, TWA, and Jet Blue.

True Story: A former EJA Ultra pilot I've flown with quite a bit told me that at
his Delta screening one of the Delta Captains said: "You EJA and Flex Jets
guys please tell your fractional friends to apply here...we hire most of them
who interview due to their good crew and simulator skills." (He was hired
about 2 & 1/2 years ago. And yes, is still employed.)

When airline hiring starts up again, I'm betting fractional pilots will very
much be in demand at the majors.
SWA B-727

As I recall, Boeing provided interim 727s for some limited period of time, until SWA got the newly ordered 737-300s on line. A lame *#@! Capt(737 typed) that I flew with was inflamed when his younger brother (full FE ticket) got hired @ SWA instead of him. The brother was later typed in the 737 by Southwest when the 3-holers went away!:p

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