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DO Position at Colgan

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Active member
Nov 12, 2002
Can anybody from Colgan advise on the open position at Cogan for the DO job?
Any info is helpfull
I can tell you it's a job you don't want.... It's also a job that requires a lot more experience that you have listed in your profile.

Can you please advise what you met in what said regarding " I do not want the job". How come?
If you're serious..

If you're seriously interested in the job why on earth would you post on here and ask these yahoo's (most of which don't know anything about this business or Colgan specifically) what they think?

If you're serious, contact Colgan and form your own opinions. Ask them your questions and based on their answers, then decide if you're interested. That is assuming of course they're interested in you.
Closed....done deal....

There never was an open DO position at Colgan. Our current VP OPS is also serving as the DO. Just another flamebait you got pulled into.