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DO/Chief Pilot requirements

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Your wife's boyfriend
Dec 1, 2001
What are the requirements for becoming a Chief Pilot and/or Director of Operations under Part 135 requirements? If I recall, don't you need three years of previous 135 experience? Or did they get rid of that? Does part 121 experience count?

I'm not worried about time requirements and ratings. Just the extra experience. Thanks.....

Requirements: FAR 119.71 states that to become a Director of Operations, or Chief Pilot for the first time ever you must have at least 3 years of PIC 121 or 135 experience within the last 6 years.

Yes: 3 years within the last 6 years of PIC 135 experience

No: didn't get rid of it

Yes: PIC 121 experience counts
If you look in the 8400 manual other "equivalent experience" may apply also, such as military or corporate.
FSDOs don't seem to be handing out deviations right now. Something about too high of a workload.
A waiver may be requested... You gotta have a good reason to be a chief Pilot, like a glutton for punishment

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