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DLA for seperating Navy folks

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Nov 25, 2001
Hey guys,

Question for those who have gotten out recently. I am stationed overseas, getting out in May. I have TAD orders for separation purposes to Anacostia Naval Annex. I am married, no kids, accompanied tour.

I was told I do not receive DLA (Dislocation Allowance) because I am sepping. I can't believe this. They expect me to move my family from Japan to the states without receiving any $$?

Anyone who has any knowledge of the regs/personal experience, I'd be grateful. I am constantly stunned at how bad they screw you when you get out (with an honorable.) Gotta pay to move my Personal Property out of pocket because I'm not moving back to my home of record. I was told that if I was getting kicked out, the Navy would pay for my move anywhere in CONUS I wanted to go! What a system!

Just blowing off steam,

DLA no

Seems messed up, but I haven't heard of anyone getting DLA. If you know an Admiral I would bring it to his attention. Seems that some of that kind of stuff gets more attention these days.

Don't let them feed you that BS. I just went through TAP class for my own sep this summer. The Navy/MC will pay for your move from your present duty station to either your point of entry into the military(recruiting center) or your Home of record or anywhere closer (less distance). So if your HOR is Colorado, they will not move you any further east than Colorado without you paying for the extra milage yourself. As for DLA, I believe they are correct, you don't rate it for seps.

If you haven't already, go to seps (TAP) class in japan before you leave. Talk with your transition counselor, and I don't mean the Petty Officer at the FSC, talk with the GS employee who actually knows the regs. If you don't have one there, get the phone number (DSN is free) to a conus FSC and talk with a GS there.

Good luck!
I brought that up, and the line they are saying is that they pay the move (tickets, Personal Property, etc.) but that's it. No DLA.
I guess we (guys getting out) are the lowest ones on the food chain....

Not entirely true on the move thing. This shouldn't affect Chunk, but I will get screwed as my HOR is not in CONUS. They will only pay to HOR as long as its in CONUS.
I was ready for all the foot dragging on my last PCS. I had in my hand the chapter and verse from the JTR stating I was authorized all I was asking for. They had never seen anyone so well prepared to call BS on the standard party line. Sorry, but the JTR's specifically state you don't get DLA for your last move. They pack all your stuff up and ship it and give you plane or car fare, you just don't get the extra bucks.

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