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Distance Learning Aviation Schools

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Well-known member
Nov 26, 2001
Hello, can anybody offer any suggestions to schools with distance learning aviation programs. (ERAU excluded) I know of Thomas Edison however I discovered while it is regionally accredited (like most schools) its aviation program is NOT accredited by two of the aviation accredation associations. Does this matter? I don't know who to talk to about this.

I know that alot of people will tell me to do a non-aviation degree but lets face it this is what I want to do FIRST if I can't be a pilot I'll go back to school and get a masters. I have ASMEL 1050 TT 55 ME CFII MEI, as I understand most schools will give credit towards ratings. ERAU requires 1000 PIC ME or 500 Dual Given for thirty something credits, I'd like to see what else is out there. Thank you
Don't do it...

I looked into doing an aviation degree at Thomas Edison, but I decided it was just easier to go liberal arts. The reason is that if you do the aviation degree you have to take a whole bunch of specific classes, many of which were pretty expensive. The liberal arts option is easier, you still get credit for your certificates, and the other credits can be gained by taking CLEP tests or by attending classes at your local CC. My point is that the aviation degree is more trouble and won't do jack for you. Just take some classes in other subjects that interest you.

Your right about the degree just being a box you check off in the aviation industry. If something happens and I can't fly anymore you'll see me at law school the next term.
I'm in the "Aviation Flight Tech." program at Thomas Edison. I went in with an A.S. from a Community College + Flight Cert's. and I have 1 semmester left (1 year total). The classes are painless. Six easy assingments, a midterm, and a final. All the assingments are open book, witch can be done anytime in the semmester. I finished mine in one week and had the rest of the semmester off to work. If you have some credits and want to get done, it's deffinitly the quick route.

p.s.. I know my spelling is shi#,,,,,,,,,,It's monday night football night. :)
I think the main thing that discouraged me from that program was the cost of the classes. Aren't they over $200 for each class? That was too much for me when the local CC is $42/credit, and a CLEP or DANTES is around $50. Anyways, if the classes are easy that's good.
I may not have said it in the orginal post I almost have my AA and will have about 68 credits when I graduate. I don't mind the aviation program and T.E. but I was told the AVIATION program is not accrediated by those that acrediate aviation degree programs. Is this any issue???

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