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Displaced Airline Workers Retraining?

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b lepchenske

New member
May 5, 2002
I have heard of layed-off airline workers (I am one) getting a type rating paid for by these retraining benefits. I cannot find a single piece of information about this program. Am I ill-informed? Did I missunderstand? Any information anybody has about this would be greatly appreciated!

Thanks in advance!
Uh, I think you'll need a bit more than 122 hours to actually get through a type rating course...IF you could even find one that would accept you with such low time. Also, I do believe that the provision that you've heard of is for furloughed pilots not just any furloughed employee.
Hey thanks -- I really didn't know that, smart azz

Perhaps I should get my Commercial License first, too.

I wasn't interested in getting a type rating, but was interested in the retraining benefits. Keep your sarcastic responses to yourself.

From what I've heard, this guy was a layed-off flight instructor, anyway and was able to have a $7,500 737 type rating paid by the government.

There are several threads about the WIA program for fourloughed pilots. Do a seach and you can find out all you need to know. I doubt very seriously that a flight instructor could get a 737 type for that amount of money, because there are all kinds of stipulations if you don't have time in type and at least I believe it is 2500 hours total. I doubt it would do him any good anyway, it would be a lot smarter to get a type that you could use when you are fairly low time.The program is for pilots that are fourloughed and most of the time the money you get is not quite enough to cover the full cost of the type, but it does help.

Sorry to offend you. It certainly seemed to me by your post that you are the one who was interested in getting a type.

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