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dispatcher school

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Well-known member
Oct 17, 2005
Ladies / Gentleman,

New to the aviation world...Currently a PPL , active duty AF mission support officer looking at all options for retirement job...


Anyone have the good/bad/ugly on the above school. Interested in all aspects of aviation as possible second / retirement career.

Appreciate your inputs.

They recently underwent a mgmt change, so Wateska doesn't own it anymore.

I went there and have no issues with either it or the new guys there (still see him pretty regularly).
Is it difficult to break into the dispatcher ranks?

My background is with computer networks (maintenance, engineering, running 24/7 ops in a real-time critical setting as NCOIC , now OIC managing all aspects of training, maint., engineering, and day-to-day firefighting...I'm familiar with and enjoy high stress customer / resource management jobs...


Don't expect to start off at a major. Plan on a regional carrier or smaller charter airline. Get 4-6 years of experience, then look at a larger one.
No way you'll get in the majors for a very, very long time. Not a good industry to be in unless you like the atmosphere.
Let me clarify....don't expect to get to a major in 4-6 years. That's just a minimum time frame.

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