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Dispatch office dress code

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Well-known member
May 12, 2004
What is your office dress code where you work?

Ours is shirt and tie or company polo shirt and khakis.
Ours is M-TH Buss. Casual-----------------F-SU whatever you want to wear
propsarebest said:
ours is pretty simple...

no tanktops!
thats about it

Now, Now you know its not THAT simple. Try collared shirts, no t-shirts. Pants or Shorts are OK. Shorts are "required" in the summer when its 120 outside. LOL
We just had to make sure we were wearing underwear.
I wore a pair of jeans a couple of Friday's ago and I just don't think I did as well as I normally do when I wear a pair of khakis.

Please note the sarcasm.

Dress codes are for corporate uppity mofos not the bottomfeeders. I sit in a dark room all day long and no one sees me. Companies need to relax this dress code crap they impose on employees. Most companies these days keep cutting employee benefits and take, take, take and they're lucky we keep showing up for work.
SKC said:
Hey Rick, where are you now?

I'm a counselor now. Left aviation for the mean time. I'll make a return soon, but coming back as a pilot only.

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