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Dispatch life at NetJets

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Dec 6, 2001
I've been out of the dispatching business for a little over a year now, due to the merger of my previous airline. Having tried some other things to keep the family in one place, I'm finding life outside of the aviation business not much to my liking (I know....it's a disease).

In exploring ways to get back in, weighing all the factors of pay, location, quality of life, stability, etc., and it seems that NetJets may offer the best combination. Although all of my 18 years experience was regional 121 ops, the airline route just seems pathetic as far as decent opportunities these days. I'm somewhat familiar with NetJets' operation, having interviewed and been offered a position back in 2001; but I decided not to uproot the family, as things at the airline were fine at the time, and I was reluctant to give up the perks of seniority.

I'm just looking for as much feedback as I can get (warts and all) on what life is like at NetJets, now that it seems the pilot contract issue is settled; schedules, management, personalities, cost and quality of living in the Columbus area, whatever.

Thanks for your time!
Hey, Airbrush,

I would be curious about the same. Seems there are many pilots who can tell about the pilot life, but no dispatchers. I was also wondering about the QOP pay, etc. for the FAs, since I have a friend who is interested.

Hey pilots! Can you help us out here?
I have no personal knowledge, but a former co-worker went to Netjets and within a couple of months he was hating it. Apparently a dispatcher there has no authority and does not garner much respect. I'm told the pay is pretty good, compared to a regional, and the schedules are decent. There are no formal flight benefits, except perhaps on the empty legs.
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A buddy of mine works at dispatch at NJ and has been there for around 3 years now. He likes his work but can find it to be very mundane and frustrating at times. Dispatchers work mulitple fleets but as far as flight planning is concerned, the computer system (intellijet) does the majority of the flight planning, 2nd segment climb calculations, weight and balance, etc. As far as the intl flight planning, that is all handled by Jeppesen planners at the mothership (cmh). He gets 3 days off a week and usually keeps ahead of his flights by a couple hours, so in his down time he can enjoy the scenery...(a lot of hot chicks work on the casino floor). I know that NJ has been doing a lot of hiring as of late. The benefits are good and you and your family members are eligible to travel on non-owner legs (ferry legs). Good luck to you and your career!
One other thing, I too interviewed with them, the pay last year started at $35K, and for the area was by far the best income to cost of living ratio over all the regional arilines...my comparison experience is with ASA, Comair, CHQ, Pinnical, Skywest, PSA, North American, especially Eagle and Express Jet..

Been to interviews, made offers or owrked for all of these...Net Jets from a pay standpoint and QOL, was the best..good luck..

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