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Oct 2, 2002




Hot Hot Hot


Labor Rallies to Support Amerijet Pilots and Flight Engineers.
U.S. Congressman Hastings Weighs In. Congressman Hastings Deeply Troubled by and Concerned about the Unsafe and Unsanitary Conditions Amerijet Forces on its Pilots and Flight Engineers. Amerijet Now Attempting to Out Source its Cargo Operations to a Foreign Carrier

The pilots and flight engineers of Ft. Lauderdale based Amerijet Air Cargo remain on strike in their demands for a first contract providing for fair wages and benefits and safe and sanitary working conditions. Major passenger and cargo airline pilot groups across the U.S. have joined with the 62 Amerijet flight deck crewmembers and are showing their support for the South Florida-based pilots, flight engineers and their families. In addition to those pilot groups from the U.S. cargo and passenger airlines who have promised not carry Amerijet freight on their aircraft, several major national trucking firms have also joined in support, including UPS, YRC and ABF. At Miami International Airport, Teamster-represented maintenance workers and cleaners are also refusing to cross the picket lines at the cargo facility on the west side of the airport.

In a desperate attempt to begin moving the backlog of hundreds of thousands of pounds of perishable and time critical freight that is growing daily since this past Thursday when the airline walked out of negotiations; Amerijet’s management is now attempting to hire foreign airlines to stem the backlog of undelivered freight. The Teamsters are also fielding reports that Amerijet management has begun a campaign of threatening crewmembers if they don’t cross the picket lines.

The Amerijet pilots and flight engineers have been joined in large numbers by pilots from UPS, Atlas Air, and Kalitta; all of whom are Amerijet competitors. Additionally, the pilot unions at American, USAirways, America West, Southwest and others have joined the Amerijet pilots and flight engineers on the picket lines and are contributing their time and money in support. Other South Florida unions, as well as organized labor in the Caribbean and South America are also supporting the strikers.

U.S. Congressman from Florida Alcee Hastings, (Dem-23rd), has also been advised of the dispute and is deeply troubled and concerned that Amerijet has exhibited such a cavalier and callous disregard for the safety and sanitary conditions of its pilots and flight engineers. Congressman Hastings is a nationally and internationally acclaimed champion of working people and works tirelessly to protect their fundamental human rights. Congressman Hastings is also deeply concerned that Amerijet walked away from the negotiations with the Teamsters and that it caused the strike. He is dismayed that any air transportation company would insist on a sick leave policy that punishes people for calling off sick by docking their pay. Such a policy, especially when used by Amerijet against its pilots and flight engineers – who are among the lowest paid in the entire industry – forces the crewmembers to fly sick. Such a policy is dangerous and unsafe. It is also eerily similar to the commuter air tragedy in Buffalo, New York earlier this year, where one of the pilots killed in that terrible accident was so sick that she should not even have entered to cockpit but felt that she could not afford to call off sick.

Congressman Hastings is also concerned that Amerijet’s largest stock holder, a Miami-based investment company named HIG Capital, has not taken steps to that Amerijet maintain safe, sanitary and fair working conditions. The Teamsters are also troubled by HIG’s apparent lack of concern over this matter. No company should capitalize on the misery of its or its companies’ workers. We remain hopeful, that HIG Capital will play a constructive role in resolving the dispute caused by Amerijet’s management team.

We hope that Amerjet’s CEO, David Bassett, will come to his senses, but only time will tell whether he will correct the mess that he and his management team have created. Had he spent as much time negotiating in good faith and integrity as has trying to break the spirit of the striking pilots and flight engineers with intimidation, lies and fear, there would never have been a strike. Instead, he and his management team have misled Amerijet’s customers and are now trying desperately to find foreign airlines and employees who will take U.S. jobs and fly a small portion of his customers’ cargo to cover up for his bad management. There is also a concern that Bassett is scrambling to move to market -- on a priority basis over Amerijet’s other customers -- perishable fish from another company in which he holds an ownership interest. Since he has been unsuccessful in having U.S. carriers’ pilots cross the picket lines, earlier today he and his management team turned to Ontario, Canada based Cargojet, Ltd. to enter the U.S. and fly across the picket lines.

Today, Cargojet flew into Miami to pick up Amerijet’s cargo that is set for delivery to Port of Spain, Trinidad. In outsourcing its cargo operations to a foreign airline, they are signaling that they have no interest in being an honest American company and will bring as many foreign nationals as needed into the U.S. to take American jobs and make a profit off American workers.

ATTN SCABS AND FUTURE SCABS :The Scab Busters are on the prowl for you. We have Scab Buster Teams in San Juan, San Pedro, San Salvador, Santo Domingo, Santiago, and Port of Spain. As of Yesturday we welcome the newest SCAB Jacob Nkeze BUSTED in Santo Domingo flying Aircraft N994AJ. THE SCAB BUSTERS HAVE EYES AND EARS EVERYWHERE.

Amerijet only has 57 pilots and according to that website, almost half of them are Scabs. What the heck is going on with that group?
Finally, Just what I have been waiting for. A pilot group that actually has the balls to stand up for an appropriate wage and work rules and seek self help, and what happens? Half of them are scum sucking low life scabs!! What would possess these people to not want to better their contract after all the years of getting sh*t on by that company.
Haha! I think Ive seen Candice in SDQ doing a walkaround. Or maybe she just got done squating behind the main landing gear...
To all the strikers - my hat is off, stay strong! Thanks for your examples and helping all of us to brighten the future.
Are they still on strike? APC says the strike ended 9/14?


Striking Crewmembers Reach Agreement on Wages, Conditions

FORT LAUDERDALE, Fla., Sept. 14 /PRNewswire-USNewswire/ -- Flight crew membersfor Amerijet International, a cargo airline, today approved a first contractwith the company. This is the pilots' first collective bargaining agreementafter five years of negotiations and a strike that began Aug. 27.

The pilots and flight engineers voted 35 to 3 for the contract. The pilots flyAmerijet's five Boeing 727s and two leased Boeing 767s (early 2010) to andfrom Miami International Airport, the Caribbean Islands and South America.

"We had tremendous industry support for our Amerijet pilots," said TeamstersGeneral President Jim Hoffa, Teamsters General President. "This contract is amajor step forward for the pilots, who first voted for Teamster representationmore than five years ago. Now they can look forward to the protections andbetter wages and working conditions that only a Teamster contract can provide."

The pilots went on strike at the end of a 30-day cooling off period imposed bya federal mediator. The National Mediation Board called both the pilots andthe company back to the table on Tuesday, September 8.

Amerijet pilots received support during the strike from Teamster pilots atAtlas Air, Polar Air Cargo and Kalitta, and members of the Teamsters Buildingand Construction Trades Department. Wide spread industry support came frompilot unions of APA (American Airlines), USAPA (US Air), SWAPA (SouthwestAirlines), JetBlue, IPA (UPS Pilots), CAPA (Coalition of Airline PilotsAssociation), PATCO (Professional Air Traffic Controllers Organization), NATCA(National Air Traffic Controllers Association) and ALPA (Air Line PilotsAssociation). Teamster-represented maintenance workers and cleaners at MiamiInternational Airport refused to cross the picket lines. Other unions in SouthFlorida, the Caribbean and South America supported the strikers including theUnited Petroleum Workers.

"For me, a major part of the contract, in addition to wages and benefits, wasfinally succeeding in having a revised sick leave policy and the addition ofon-board toilet facilities," said Capt. Kamal Patel, a pilot at Amerijet inMiami. "When we struck Amerijet a couple of weeks ago they going to make uscontinue working in the unsanitary conditions we've been suffering in. But,now, with the new contract, the addition of toilet facilities is a writtenpart of the agreement. My family can rest easier now that they know that jobis protected by a Teamster contract."

"Our negotiating committee held the unit together throughout the five yearswe spent negotiating and through the tense two weeks we just had on the strikeline," said Teamsters Airline Division Director Capt. David Bourne. "I knowthat the support we received from Teamster pilots, truck drivers, maintenanceworkers and cleaners added a big push toward agreement on favorable terms. Sodid help from pilots unions throughout the airline industry."

Teamsters Local 769 in Miami, part of the Teamsters Airline Division,represents 58 flight deck crewmembers employed by Amerijet International, acargo airline that operates primarily to and from the Miami InternationalAirport and the Caribbean Islands and South America. Teamsters Local 769represents over 8,000 employees and families throughout South Florida.

The International Brotherhood of Teamsters was founded in 1903 and representsmore than 1.4 million hardworking men and women in the United States, Canadaand Puerto Rico.

SOURCE International Brotherhood of TeamstersDavid White of the International Brotherhood of Teamsters, +1-202-624-6911,[email protected]
Since they are perfectly ok with working under the present pay and conditions, maybe after a new contract is signed they can continue with the good deal they have.

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