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Discount airlines poised to benefit (SWA, JB, AirTran)

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Good grief, Gary...couldn't you at least post a better picture of yourself? Something a little more jovial, perhaps?

I personally like the one where you're dressed up as Gene Simmons from KISS.:D
Any mention of the Boeing strike slowing down deliveries of new 737s for SW and AT? Talk about bad luck. Sure, SW has more planes thanks to Katrina, but ATL and CVG aren't really open (yet), and there are no more gates available in SLC. Bad timing Boeing workers!(or good timing...)

Bye Bye--General Lee
Katrina and the elimination of 50+ flights a day leaves 9 extra planes in the SWA fleet. The strike has stopped deliveries but Boeing has to pay $ every day that an aircraft is late for delivery to SWA. I guess good timing for a strike.
Where are you going to put those 9 extra planes? RSW? I saw you were charging initially $29 one way from MCO to RSW. Why? I think we even started dropping those money losing routes. And, wouldn't your service to MSY have made you even more profits? MSY has huge conventions, and WN was the largest airline there, right? How many planes were you going to get again until the end of this year? Money from Boeing is great, but is it enough to cover the MSY losses? No flame here, just curious.

Bye Bye--General Lee
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I have no clue about the what SWA will do with the 9 spares. I suspect that the charter department is aggressively looking for more work and some heavy maintenance may be moved up on some aircraft. I am sure management is looking for opportunities to redeploy these assets.

A majority of the MSY traffic was leisure. We won't see that anytime soon. This will be a business market during the rebuilding. The 2 roundtrips a day HOU-MSY will help but will not replace the $710,000 of revenue that MSY previously produced.

I think that we were down to 6-7 deliveries left for the year. I have no idea of what the money from Boeing is for the late deliveries, but it surely will not offset the loss of revenue associated with MSY.
I am worried... short term gain for the LCC's..... Long term pain. Everybody says it... but man look out when the Big fellas get their house in order... Contract FA's.. efficencies realized. International strengthened. Pilot pay reduced. Pensions unfunded... bla bla bla.

We're gonna kick but in ...... We're gonna..... we're gettin new jets all the time... winglets..... please... 100 green tail jets aint gonna take over the world. And SWA... Oh man... I hope they dont come after our little slice in the ATL. Although... we'll do the best we can. We are innovative and dedicated, committed to serving smart travelers every day....

Every LCC is gonna grab ground while it is available. IE the accelerated hiring action.

Hey man... got any gloves .... I'm gonna pick up just a bit in the back... we only have a 30 minute turn... Dont worry agent... I'll get the garbage for ya.... FA's... you cross the belts and I'll find a vacume ..... LOL...... Are we having fun yet ??? At least the pay aint too bad, and the Mrs. Fields cookies are fantastic.

Sorry everyone... it was a long trip. Thanks for listening.

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