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Disappointed in Air Inc Job Fair??

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Race Pilot

Well-known member
Jan 8, 2002
I was just wondering how many other people that went to the job fair Saturday were as disappointed as I was. Maybe because this was my second one (I went last July) but it seemed that everything Kit and Becky said during the first half of the day was exactly the same stuff that is in the Career Development System that I paid big bucks for. So I guess they figure I didn't read any of it.

Then, because they ran over with their repetitive talking, we were rushed through lunch which is when you get some of your best information from other people and have a chance to do some networking.

And to top it all off, they had advertised that Southwest, UPS, and World would be there. UPS spoke but had to leave early so no one-on-one interface, SWA bailed out two days ago according to Kit but of course too late to tell anyone and give a refund, and World had a table but no one showed up to talk or collect resumes.

Last year's event was pretty decent but I think this year's was a total waste of money unless you want to work for a regional or a fractional.

I wish I could say I was surprised. It was my third time over the course of my 15 years of flying. Having heard most of the BS the first two times , and, hving set my sight squarely on Airtran, I didn't even bother going to anything but the job fair, and pretty much just so I could get some face time with the Airtran folks. I'd heard that it would be a feather in my cap. Basically I paid $155 to go talk to Airtran reps for about 10 minutes. A roll of the dice I know, and presented with the new 121 PIC hurdle, who knows whether or not it will pan out, but, maybe one day the combination of AirInc, LOR's and direct updates every month will pay off. In the mean time I'll always arrive just as the job fair is kicking off.

Best of luck.


I know it can be frustrating learning of new, or at least previously little known, requirements like the 121 PIC time requirement you mentioned in another post. But you are doing the right thing by being persistent and keeping your eye on the prize. Just too bad you have to pay Kit that much money just to meet with Jill and her bunch. BTW, I too talked to Air Tran and am really impressed with a lot of the way they do business and carry themselves. Although I'm in the small pool at ATA and hoping for a class upon my AF retirement in October, Air Tan is definitely a player in my book. Of course I wish some of the big boys were hiring but that's the world we find ourselves in. Keep doing what you're doing and we'll all get there one day. And believe me, job or no, when my Air Inc. membership expires in Feb, they will no longer see any of my money. The guys and gals on here are a better source of information than they will ever be!!
It seems those swindlers are running out of cons to pocket hopeful pilots money. The next "job fair" will include a clown blowing up and handing out baloons and the opportunity to win some goldfish.
Hey Race. It's all good. We'll keeping plugging and get ours and Kit'll get his. Hey maybe if I could invite a bunch of buddies to my house and charge a bunch to talk to em I would. I'm really not bitter about the money vs. face time ratio. I knew what I was getting into, and it may not help me edge in the door, but hey, if I don't get an invite it's not because I didn't do all that was within my power. I believe it will happenn eventually, and in the grand scheme, sooner than later. If Airtran goes in the direction I hope they do, if I get hired in the next five years it'll be great.

Good luck at ATA.

Ted Striker said:
How about Alaska, did they show? If so, who?

Yes, Alaska was there but I'm not real sure who. I went out of the room for a minute during their presentation and didn't stand in line for them. Call me crazy but i have no interest in flying for them. There were an awful lot of people in their line.
reduced rate

it is the job fair part that people are paying for.... some do not even go until late afternoon. The rest is smoke and mirrors with names that draw

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