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Did You Get Out Of Professional Flying? Post Here!

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Boondock Saint

Well-known member
Oct 31, 2005
Ive been reading a lot of threads lately on all the boards lately about people getting out of the flying business based on qol and other reasons (that you are all familiar with so Ill spare you :) ) I have several friends that both flew professionally and have left for other pursuits and some that are still in it and are contemplating getting out. I myself have a great job offer outside of flying that would permit me to make great money...have good qol...and I think its something I would enjoy.

Im curious...if you have left flying professionally (but you are still lurking here) how is life treating you? I dont ask this sarcastically, and I would ask that anyone still flying be respectful and not hijack the thread. So...

Has your qol changed for the better outside of aviation?
Of course you miss parts of it...but have you thought about coming back?

Any insight from people who have left and stayed out or left and come back would be appreciated...

I left a frac job with FO to work back in the business world. I still fly the company aircraft but only about 10 hours/month. I was offerred over twice as much money as I was making at the frac with an ownership position in the business.

I left because after several years in the aviation business, my priorities changed and I wanted to pay down some short term debt, buy a nice house and spend more time with my family.

I've only been out for a month or so and everyday I still think about flying professionally. If the right opportunity came along then I would go back to professional aviation.

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