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Did it :)

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mmmm.... doooonuuuut.
Mar 14, 2004
Finally passed my oral/practical today. It was a lot of work over the past few years and it's a load off my mind :)
Congratulations and be proud of your accomplishment. Ah, the world of freedom knowing it is all yours!
Congratulations. That's the first step...now your learning and your training begins.
Thanks :)

I've been working on the side for a flight school, as far as I'm concerned there's no better training than cleaning up after students!
Congratulations, I know that it was hard work, and now you can feel good about yourself. Don't let anyone tell you to do something dumb.
Congratulations! I know for me the O&Ps were what had me the most nervous and I was thrilled to get them out of the way.
Congrats! It must feel great. I have been studying my butt off for the past 2 months trying to get ready. I can't wait to have it over with. Good work, now you can write off all of those nice Snap-On tools! :D

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