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Did IFL furlough?

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Feb 2, 2005
I just heard through the grapevine that some Capts got furloughed off the Falcons. Whats going on over there? I thought IFL just got all those UPS runs...

Sorry to hear the bad news fella's, Good luck!
I sure hope not, I thought they were actually doing good after getting those contracts.
I have no idea, but it stands to reason they wouldn't need as many crews per plane for scheduled runs as they would to cover for on-demand operations.
What's up B? How's XO treatin' ya? IFL did furlough. Haven't heard all the details, but I received a text from N.L. that he was furloughed and wondering about any job leads, of which I have none...I can't even find a flight instructor job.
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Jeez its getting bad man! XO is great, can't complain. Talked to NL yesterday too. Didn't get all the details about the furloughs though. Good luck in finding a job soon!

Did you just have your first child? Think MF told me. Congrats!
Thanks! He arrived last night at 7:37. Maybe it's a sign that I should get the type?!? Pics/details on Facebook. Glad to hear things are good at XO. There are rumors of parking planes and more potential furloughs in June at my happy company. :( Time will tell.

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