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Well-known member
Feb 22, 2002
Anyone know what the noise levels are in this thing in the various stages of flight? Will a Telex 550 work? Also, any bits of advice before going off to training for the MU300.

Thanks in advance.

The noise levels in the Diamond are high down low and fast. When I flew them, I used Telex 750's but they were less than sufficient for noise suppression. Some guys wore the David Clarks. The BE400A is much more quiet, especially after somewhere around RK-286 (?) when they removed the windscreen wipers.

Advice: The Diamond is a nice flying airplane but it is a pig when it is high and/or hot. It starts to poop out in the mid 20's and if you need the engine and wing anti-ice on in the climb you'll be begging it for 500 fpm. The yaw damp almost works. If you don't have TR's, be extra careful on contaminated runways because the brakes work almost as well as the yaw damper. Pay attention to the performance (or lack thereof) charts and don't push them.
Boy, I can't seem to get away from loud airplanes. I was just wondering what headset I'll have to get out of the closet. I appreciate the advice about the performance. I'll be flying this thing in the NE, so the winter stuff helps.

Thanks again!
I agree with TAG2, the windshield wipers are probably the loudest thing about the Beechjet. I use cheapo Telex Echelons, and they do just fine. But all-in-all, it's not too loud, I've heard a lot worse.

On a side note, does anybody know of anyone looking for a Beechjet pilot?

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