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Feb 5, 2002
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I just found out my old man may have diabetes and I know it is linked to heredity among other things. Currently, I am 24 and quite healthy but worry about any long term FAA medical problems if I should also become affected. I thought I remembered that Diabetes is an automatic disqualifier for a medical. Does any body know if this is true or not?


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Nov 26, 2001
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Yes and No

It seems to depend on whether you need medication to control the diabetes. 14 CFR 67 governs the issuance of medical certificates. Specifically, 14 CFR 67.113 addresses the medical condition of an applicant for a First Class medical:

§ 67.113 General medical condition.

The general medical standards for a first-class airman medical certificate are:

(a) No established medical history or clinical diagnosis of diabetes mellitus that requires insulin or any other hypoglycemic drug for control. (emphasis added)

Apparently, you are okay if you can control your diabetes through diet. If you need medication, you are SOL.

www.leftseat.com is a decent aviation medical site for more information.

Hope that helps a little.


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Nov 29, 2001
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I just found out my old man may have diabetes and I know it is linked to heredity among other things.

It is also linked to an increasing extent to poor diet. I urge you to do extensive research into this area and you will very likely avoid this problem.

Genetics is the medical industries common answer to the causes of many of todays illnesses. In reality, a great many of these can be directly attributed to sedentary lifestyles and poor diets.

Good luck !


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Apr 30, 2002
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I may be able to shed some light on diabetes and the FAA. If you are diagnosed with diabetes you will be immediately disqualified to hold a FAA medical certificate. However you can reapply for a first class medical after a waiting period. You may be allowed to return to flying so long as you don't require insulin to control your blood sugar levels. The FAA will allow you to take some approved oral meds for blood sugar control, but here again there will be a required waiting period to show adequate blood sugar control and no adverse side effects. Maybe the worst part is that you will be required to petition the FAA every 6 months to renew your medical certificate.

By the way diabetes is hereditary but is usually passed from the mother to the children.

Maybe the best thing that you can do is what all of us should be doing anyway. Try to eat healthy and get regular exercise.
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Nov 30, 2001
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I hold a 3rd class medical (PPL and ADX), and I am type 2 diabetic. It is possible to hold a medical and be diabetic.

Provided youre type 2 diabetic - non-insulin dependent.

The stipulation is that I get a poke-n-prod annually from my physician, who sends the data to the FAA in OKC for them to see if they'll still let me fly, the standard 2/3 year rule for normal class 3 medicals do not apply.

If he likes what he sees, and that the diabetes is under control, my medical continues in force, if not, I lose it.

Whether I would ever be able to hold a class 2 with this restriction, or even a class one, that, I dont know.