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DFW Parking

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Angle Lakes Bitch
May 3, 2005
Just wondering if anyone had some info on parking rates at DFW on or off airport. I've been commuting for almost 5 years but now have the luxury of driving my own a*@ to the airport. Does anyone know about rates, distance, covered or uncovered etc.... I also heard that you could buy employee parking with a letter from your company for like $170 a year. Any info would be appreciated!!
don't know about the employee parking however the parking spot is $7 and $9 per day plus tax(uncovered/covered) for airline employees. anything on the employee parking would be appreciated.
If your company has a gate or operation out DFW then you are probably all set, but the letter may smooth things over either way. Its been a year since I bought the pass but 170 sounds close. Its still the cheapest thing going there. Worth the bucks, i would try to give directions to the parking office but I cant remember the exit sign.
To qualify, I believe your company must have operations at DFW. I just talked to the US Air base manager in DFW and she was kind enough to sign my form even though I don't work for mainline. I explained the wholly-owned connection. There is a form they will have to authorize for you. Then you take it to the DFW business center, which is located off the access road between the terminals. Just follow the signs. The parking office is on the second floor, I believe. It is $15/month, payable in three month increments. I paid for the full year -- $180. Very worth it. There is plenty of parking available and the employee buses run every seven minutes to terminals A and B, and less frequently to C.
Are there any deals with local hotels that will let you park on their lot for a fee?


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