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descent rates

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Aug 12, 2004
talking about entering the terminal area, the RVSM course king puts out says max 1000fpm.
What do most a/c use? Anytime I am given an xing restriction I need 2000fpm minimum.
What is typical? Sometimes Houston sets you up for 3000-4000fpm down.

Where are the regs on minimum descent and climb rates? I thought you have to report if you can't make 500fpm climb, and descent was? 1000?
rtmcfi said:
oops, I thouht we were discussing decent pay rates...............

yeah, one letter changes the entire meaning... what if I had mistyped one of those T's in the title and put a P? We'd a had lots to talk about.
REF. AIM: 4-4-9.

d. When ATC has not used the term "AT PILOT'S DISCRETION" nor imposed any climb or descent restrictions, pilots should initiate climb or descent promptly on acknowledgement of the clearance. Descend or climb at an optimum rate consistent with the operating characteristics of the aircraft to 1,000 feet above or below the assigned altitude, and then attempt to descend or climb at a rate of between 500 and 1,500 fpm until the assigned altitude is reached. If at anytime the pilot is unable to climb or descend at a rate of at least 500 feet a minute, advise ATC. If it is necessary to level off at an intermediate altitude during climb or descent, advise ATC, except when leveling off at 10,000 feet MSL on descent, or 2,500 feet above airport elevation (prior to entering a Class B, Class C, or Class D surface area), when required for speed reduction.

RVSM does not apply in the terminal area. (unless I misunderstand the question).
Thanks for the reg.
I should have said 'approaching or nearing' vs entering perhaps... its all above 290 of course. We're at 350 and get 6 minutes to drop down to 180, thats 17k in 6 or 3000fpm for an even rate. I guess the 1000fpm is a suggestion (its meant to prevent false TA alerts I think.
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