Dept. of Labor/Pilot outlook


Feb 13, 2002
Total Time
Sorry if this one's been covered before but, I'm curious if anyone out there has read this article on the US Department of Labor Website:

Just wondering what you folks in the industry think of it, it breaks down typical training, and forecasts for pilot needs in the future. It somewhat confirms what I thought, becoming a successful career pilot is a combination of hard work, a ton of money and alot of luck. Demand will most likely never outweigh supply.

On a side note:
A year ago I thought, "I wannabe a 747 capt. someday."
Seven months ago, "hmm...maybe a freight pilot?"
Today: "If I could work up to a CFI to pay for an amazing hobby, that'd be fantastic."

After reading this forum on a daily basis, I no longer have fantasies of quitting my lame-ass day job, heading to Florida and hopping into a right seat of regional jet within a year.

Thanks for your input.