Delta's A&R Grievance


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Aug 9, 2003
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CEO silly sap said:
Did the pilot group win the grievance on attendance and reliability????

From a DALPA contract awareness bulletin:
The arbitrator’s ruling states that a pilot who has received a Letter of Warning or notice of intent to issue a Letter of Warning must have that letter removed from his file. Management has pledged to remove all such correspondence as soon as possible. However, to make certain that no letter is missed, any pilot who received such correspondence should contact MEC Contract Administration and his Chief Pilot.

Additionally, the arbitrator addressed the issue of doctors’ notes, stating that management may not exceed the limits set forth by
Section 14 F. and Section 14 G. of the PWA. Letters of Counsel or Concern that contain language requiring a pilot to provide a doctor’s note for future absences or to provide a Chief Pilot with the diagnosis, prognosis and duration of an illness must have that language removed. Any pilot who has received such a letter may disregard it for future absences.