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Delta Unlimited J/S?

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Well-known member
Nov 14, 2004
Was curious if Delta is unlimited J/S?

From what I understand UAL and AAL are?

thanks for the update, and info.

thanks for the info.

I know Delta has more pressing issues, but do you know if there is anything in the works to change that?

I don't know. Sorry. We're just trying to hang on to our pass privileges with them. If we don't, I'll be in the same boat with you.
I js on tDAL every week. I asked a capt last monday about his very thing. He told me they are "working on opening up the back to unlimited js".

They have bigger fish to fry so I wouldn't look for it too soon. However, I did hear from an outside DAL person they were going to have it by October. Yeh right. Holding my breath tho.
I would think that with all the cr@p that DAL is asking of the pilots (especially the payrates and eliminating the duty rigs) that they should be able to ask for this is return.

Anyone know if ASA can still J/S up front or has the policy changed? Can we expect it to change? Been on MLOA for a while and I dont get out much. Thanks.

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