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Delta Pilots Lose Arbitration Ruling

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Wasatch CFI

Katana Conquistador
Feb 21, 2002
The Wall Street Journal reported today that Delta pilots, represented by the Air Line Pilots Association (ALPA), lost an arbitration proceeding that challenged Delta’s furloughing of hundreds of pilots following the Sept. 11 terror attacks, despite a no-furlough clause in their labor contract.

The decision is the first ruling to be rendered over an airline’s use of so-called force majeure provisions in labor contracts post Sept. 11, and may shape the outcome of similar proceedings at other carriers.

Force majeure provisions allow an airline to bypass usual contractual protections in the event of circumstances beyond its control. Defining what constitutes such circumstances was the crux of the ALPA-Delta discord.

Delta maintained that the terror attacks constituted a compelling example of "circumstances beyond the company’s control," thus justifying reducing flight operations and furloughing pilots. However, ALPA argued that the provision allows the company to break the contract strictly because of an inability to operate. The union maintains that the pilot furloughs are voluntary acts by Delta, driven by the state of the economy and the carrier’s financial state.

If you stand around long enough, I'm sure ALPA will do something good with all those millions they rake in each year from you're dues!!!
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If you don't consider the following things to be good, then quit ALPA:

1) Safety awareness on the local and national level in the form of safety committees and recommendations that virtually every industrial and governmental aviation agency takes seriously.

2) Protecting the line pilot from management's whims and FAA enforcement action through legal advice and representation.

3) Political influence in Washington. Ever wonder why we don't have cockpit video cameras yet? You have only one organization to thank! Just read the op-ed in last weeks USA Today to find out what the media would like to do with CVRs. ALPA is a necessary counter-measure to the ATA's influence in Washington. (The ATA is currently trying to rewrite rest/duty limitations in THEIR favor = unlimited duty day!)

4) Free medical advice concerning your FAA certificate.

5) Enforcing your hard-won contract as best they can considering most major airlines are bleeding millions of dollars a day.

Tired of typing

Ohhh, Hey..Ouch...Mommy says stop it!! Sorry to dissapoint you new kids in the business, but I'm proudly NOT a member....
I proudly have been a member for 15 years, and believe me, we don't miss Gumby, or his money, or his 6th grade education.

Ok, you guys win, they're the greatest...I sorry....
ALPA makes this job better...

ALPA is the reason I had a full size limo driving me to the hotel during my first trip at the majors instead of the ratty and marginally unsafe hotel vans that were the norm in my previous airline life.

Just one example of many.....
Well Gumby you have one supporter. I have been with two different airlines alpa screwed. Mark my words if you do not work for UA or DAL you will see how bad alpo sucks sooner or latter.

Repeat after me........... ALPA SUCKSSSSSSSSS.
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