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Delta listens to FINS! Unbelievable

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General Lee

Well-known member
Aug 24, 2002
Delta to Resume Full Flight Schedule
Friday October 7, 4:53 pm ET Delta to Resume Full Flight Schedule; NYSE Plans to Delist Stock by Oct. 13
ATLANTA (AP) -- Delta Air Lines Inc.'s cancelation of certain domestic flights over a two-week period to conserve fuel will end Saturday.
The Atlanta-based airline said Friday it will be resuming its full flight schedule. The nation's third-largest carrier said it believes fuel supplies in the Southeast have now stabilized.

Also Friday, the New York Stock Exchange said it plans to suspend trading of Delta shares by Oct. 13. The action follows Delta's decision to file for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection on Sept. 14 and the fact that its average closing price for its shares has been less than $1 for 30 consecutive days.
The NYSE said the delisting is subject to certain procedures, but noted that Delta does not plan to challenge the determination.
Delta announced earlier this month that it decided to cancel select flights to conserve fuel after hurricanes Katrina and Rita.
The effort did not affect international flights. Delta has not said how many flights it canceled.
Delta had said it wasn't experiencing a shortage of jet fuel, but wanted to conserve energy. It said the cancellations would be minimal, affecting early morning and late-night flights that have low bookings.

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