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Delta Jumpseat question?

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Feb 2, 2005
I know that Delta is CASS but do they allow unlimited jumpseat riders? If so, is it extended to all airlines or just ones on a special list (i.e. I heard that AA is the only one that they allow on an unlimited basis. T or F?)

Thanks. As for CAL, we are unlimited.
As of right now American and SWA are the only two that we have flow back (ie unlimited jumpseats) agreements with. I'm on a personal mission to try and get AirTran on a flow back agreement. I've had to use them on more than one occasion recently and they take as many as open seats and have always treated me very well.
While adding AirTran, also do your best to get CAL on that list. All of us at CAL would greatly appreciate it.
Don't forget CAL's Red-Headed Step-Child (ExpressJet)! We've been unlimited j/s for quite some time.

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