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Delta Jumpseat Policy

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Airline Pilot27

High Speed... Aww shut up
Nov 27, 2001
I haven't had to jumpseat in quite some time and was wondering what delta's policy is for other airline pilots? Also what kind of dress is required...thanks
Pretty much the same as it was before, only no more sitting in the Cockpit for offline pilots (ASA Comair and DAL can still sit on each others jumpseats though.) I don't think the dress code has changed, but when I'm traveling now and think I may need to request a JS, I try to go in uniform. Looks more professional and like you belong in my opinion.

Limited to FAR 121 airlines only I think.
Before I got furloughed in nov Delta jumpseat policy was you had to be in uniform and there had to be a seat in the back and as far I know this has not changed.

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