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Delta Flight benifits for Connections

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New member
Jun 30, 2002
With Chautauqua being a new Delta Connection Carrier, what kind of flight benefits can we expect with Delta? For both the employee's and family. Thanks for any kind of info.

Fly Safe All!!!!
Im not sure what Delta offers for family members, but employees at our Connection carrier receive:

1. Unlimtied ID 95's for international travel
2. One way domestic pass $30 / roundtrip pass $60
3. Free travel on any city pair that both Delta and our Connection carrier both serve

My guess is that immediate family members probably receive the same benefits or they receive ID 90's.
The wholly owned (ASA and Comair) Delta Connections get full benefits - the others (ACA, SkyWest, and now Chautauqua) get very limited benefits (no PPR card)

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