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Delta/Comair JS question

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Jul 31, 2002
Hoping that some here could enlighten me on a recent "problem".

Attemted to JS on a Comair flight out of BWI last week to JFK. Checked in an hour before the flight but the Delta gate agent was having problem entering my information into the system. She sid that she would keep trying and get back to me. Flight becomes delayed for approx. an hour and there is a shift change for the agents. I go up to the new gate agent aprrox. 10 minutes before boarding of the flight. The agent along with her supervisor attempt to enter my information into the system and keep getting an "unable to process" message. They tell me that the CASS system must be down for them and that they can't check me in. I state that even though my company is CASS, I'm not trying to sit in the JS, because it's an open flight. They state that they need to verify through CASS that I can JS. I then ask what if my company wasn't even CASS approved? How would they check through CASS to let me on? Are only CASS approved pilots allowed on Delta and Comair flight? All I got was the typical blank stare. They kept on trying, even as my plane departed without me.

I waited for the next flight and the same problem was occuring. However, they were on the phone and attempted to get a "verbal" authorization for me. Lucky for me, the Comair CA was in the area and I explained what was happening. He checked my info and told the agents that he was OK with me going. They begrudginly agreed. More to get me out of the way, I suppose. Anybody else have this problem?

Thanks to the Coamir guys/gals for the ride to work.
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nope, never had that problem.
I am not currently CASS and jumpseat on delta all the time. If there are seats available, you're golden. I have not had a problem yet, and the crews are always very helpful.

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