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Delta and AirTran Jumpseats

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Jan 17, 2002
I might be going through Atlanta if UAL lets me down and was wondering how many jumpseaters DAL and AirTran allow?
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Delta allows one jumpseater for every jumpseat installed in the cockpit. That means one jumpseater on every aircraft except the 767-200 which has two.

I believe Airtran allows as many jumpseaters as there are available cabin seats once all standbys have been called.

What is your final destination? You may want to consider going through a Northwest hub because they can take two offline jumpseaters PLUS one or two company jumpseaters on every aircraft.
a few of the 767(other than-400) DO have two jumpseats, but you have to ask the agent to specifically check for it, as most have only one.
AirTran will tak unlimited JS in the cabin.

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