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Delta AirElite

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Computer Geek

Well-known member
Dec 10, 2002
Anyone have any insight to this company?

Position: Pilots (Captains/FOs) 6/27/2005
Delta AirElite is currently accepting Pilot resumes via email for candidates meeting the following minimum qualifications:
Pilot in Command – 3,000 hours total time, 2,000 PIC, 1,000 Turbine, Airline Transport Pilot
Second in Command – 2,000 hours total time, 1,000 PIC fixed wing, 200 hours multi-engine fixed wing, Airline Transport Pilot
If you meet these minimum qualifications, please email your resume to [email protected]. No phone calls please.
Delta AirElite
Cincinnati/Northern Kentucky International Airport
P.O. Box 75344
Cincinnati, Ohio 45275
I thought this thing was scrapped...per the website it looks like they're using FX planes, maybe this app is for charter based out of CVG?
A couple of my clients now work for them. They have not had any complaints.

I worked there for a couple of years. They laid off 6 of us when the TEB and PDK bases were closed because of the expiration of leases on 4 of the LR60s. Mgt lied to us till the layoff about finding something for ust ot fly. "Don't worry about your paycheck" They were unable to lease anything else, so right before Christmas we got the news.

The Chief Pilot is great, an he is about the only one. The "president" is absentee at best and the company has no vision or focus whatsoever. He shows up for us to fly him on repeated vacations, but that is about it. The CFO was the president for Comair at one time and is just spending out the rest of his contract with them

Plan on being gone 20 days a month. 7 hard days. 3 soft. They will have you sit at the destination till they can find something else, usually.

Start pay for FO 30k start for capt 56k. They have 2 601's, 2 lr60s, a 35 and a 31a. I would estimate there current pilot force to around 30.

They seem to always advertise hiring, even when they are not. Don't believe any of the hype they throw out. It is an OK 135 outfit that has NO business plan whatsoever.

I am fortuante enough to have moved on, I don't miss the place, or at least nostalgia (forgetting what sucks) has not kicked in yet.
A little less jadded...


I can appreciate the difficulty of what you went through, and the timing of the matter certainly didn’t help, but I have to take issue with some of what you said.

First and foremost, are you really going to say that the 6 off you were laid off? Were you not all offered positions here in CVG? With the relocation costs paid for by the company? I can understand not wanting to move, with a home in ATL, a newborn and an inevitable recall to DAL, but please be honest for those not aware of the situation.

Of the 6, all of you were looking for other positions long before the news came down. So much so, that 2 of the six already had been through the recruitment process with other companies and had secured jobs. One was in the process of accepting the offer to move, and was offered a career position in his wife’s home town. Another one of the six did accept the offer to move and is currently in CVG. That leaves yourself and one other, both given the opportunity to move; however, both having roots to where you were based and deciding not to accept, certainly understandable. Coincidently, you were both DAL furloughs, albeit the other one was recalled right after he left here. I certainly hope things have worked out for you.

Being gone depends on the aircraft for which you are assigned. The 604’s and Lear 60’s are indeed on the road more so than the 31 and 35. Even with that, I have never been gone for 20 days in a month. The TEB and PDK bases were unique, it was a trial run, and unfortunately you guys were similar to a red headed stepchild. The QOL was better in CVG then what you experienced, and in fact has improved even more since.

On a nitpicky note, they are 604’s not 601’s.

In so far as the “always” hiring. The reason the add is up is that we have been hiring… 8 so far this year. A pretty big number for a small force, and no, it is not due to a mass exodus. The hiring is primarily to replace the TEB and PDK people who decided not to relocate (yes we did need you guys here), in addition to a little growth. There has been 1 person to leave recently, he too returned to DAL.

Again, I’m sorry your experience didn’t turn out the way you had hoped and I wish you the best.

For those considering employment with DAE, hopefully this will provide a little more insight.

You are correct on some. I was asked if I would move to CVG, no specific offer, but asked to move. Yes I did turn that down. The paid move would not have happened, it would have been on my dime, ask TS, he moved on his own money, so he says.

The above are my feelings. No hard feelings meant towards anyone flying there. The aviation business is this way.

Best of luck to you all.
Oh. You are incorrect all 6 were not looking for other jobs. The two you mentioned were. The others did not start to look until things started looking bad.