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Delta 843 RJ's


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Nov 29, 2001
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Read a news post that US Airways is wanting ALPA to alow more than the cap of 70 RJ's to stay competitive, stateing Delta with there fleet, orders and options will have a total or 843 and Cotinential 375. Can this be right and what is the scope that Delta has.(im not one for scope, but I dont think Delta ALPA would alow 843.) does anyone have some real numbers. This news post was on www.airliners.net.



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Nov 26, 2001
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'Well, Delta's mainline scope limits connection flying to 34% of mainline flying, in block hours. So, if they decide to actually purchase that many jets, they will either need to drop some of the contract carriers, expand Delta mainline flying, or fly some of the rj's at mainline. I'm sure Delta's management would not have signed a contract with a scope clause that would stop them from carrying out their plan. I suppose the only other way they could get out of the scope restriction would be to integrate their wholly owned regionals with mainline, and that would make the block hours increase, thereby allowing them to expand the contract carrier flying. I'm sure this is going to be interesting.

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