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Mar 26, 2002
I don't know if this is a question that has been answered in another thread or not, so please forgive the repetetiveness if it has been posted before.

Pre 9/11, if you were wanting to work for the majors, how important is a college degree. I am one who went straight from high school into corporate America and never looked back. I just started to fly professionally 2 years ago and do not have a degree. However, I do want to work for a major airline and, quality time aside, what would make a person more competitive. I have read other posts that state that the airlines will not fully recover for a couple of years, which is how long it would take to get an associates degree. I don't know if this matters or not either, but I am currently 34.

I don't want to ramble, but any input would be really appreciated.
Thanks in advance.


Does the Chicken Cross the Road or Not : )
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Hey Falcon Pilot--
I am regional pilot with a little over 7000 hrs,{I just did my logbook after 2 years---ooops}I finally got the courage to start with Embry-Riddle. I got a job in Alaska in 92' my freshman year of college,told my parents that I would finish my education after the summer flying job. Just noticed it was 2002---ooops. I have had an excellent career of flying. I flew in Alaska for 3 yrs, cargo in Minnesota for a winter"scary" cargo in the Northwest for 2 yrs and a regional for 4.5 yrs now. The lack of a 4 yr degree has been my biggest regret. What I am getting at is, without that degree it really doesn't matter what you have been doing in the flying department, it is the "total package".
I have had a million excuses in the last few years, but it comes down to what do you want in your life.No degree ,no major. I will graduate in about 3 years, I turn 30 in Aug, so there it is, I will have 10000 hrs and 4 year degree at 33-34 years old. After I graduate from college I will be a happier man.
If you saw how many times I have been past by my FO's to the majors,,you would cry with me.
All I can say is buckle down and do it, it is very expensive and bothersome{especially at our age when it is our bill}but you will have what they want at the majors. If you never get hired at the majors at least you did something to improve yourself, again. I always wanted to fly a Falcon, just didn't want to be on a pager. Plus my moms and pops need airline passes.

good luck buddy

ps, thanks for letting me vent
thank you fitzy. It really is appreciated.
I almost made it into SWA back when they had only 2500 numbers on the list. My then current boss stabbed me in the back and I didn't get in, BUT my buddies on the inside told me that I probably would have made it anyway HAD I HAD A FOUR YEAR DEGREE. I only had an associates (in Aviation), not a four year.

Search this site for inf. on getting a degree the non-traditional way. There have been many strings in the past couple of years that should lead you to a legitimate program that will allow you to finish in short order.

good Luck

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