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December 17, 2003

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Well-known member
Nov 26, 2001
Is there going to be some kind of celebration out at Kitty Hawk for flying's one-hundred year birthday? Anyone ever been to the airport there? I was thinking of going out there this summer, is there anything worth seeing?
I went there while I was in flight school on one of my commercial cross countries. The Wright Bros. Monument is pretty cool and there is a small museum on the field. Make sure you either get enough gas before hand or stop in Manteo since there is none on the field. I highly recommend it.
Oh, I thought you were betting when I'd get off reserve. Yes there is going to be a big party. Several organizations are planning events, including Uncle Sam. Check out this link for referrals to some of the official sites.
you should definitely go sometime

I believe there will be a celebration out at First Flight Airport on that date. Jetscream has it right, it's a nifty little museum and a fun place to visit. My uncle lives about two miles from the airport, and I've spent some time flying around there when I visit. It's a really small little airport with a lot of tall trees on either side of the runway *laughing*, but the scenery is so beautiful you'd be a fool not to go some day. There's not a lot to do there in the winter, but it's beautiful to fly or drive around for a day or so. There's more to do in the summer, but there are thousands of tourists and it's usually 90 degrees with humidity to match.

The airport there (FFA) isn't bad, but make sure you plan to arrive and leave well before dark. Unless they have installed lights there recently, the field tends to get dark before sunset, due to the surrounding trees and terrain. It is paved, however, and there are a few restaurants, and hotels within walking distance. One of the above posters is right about there being no fuel. Manteo is the closest, but Currituck is self serve and cheaper. While you are in the area, check out Hatteras and Ocracoke Island if time permits.

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