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DCAir/Potomac Air

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Well-known member
Nov 26, 2001
Hi Guys and Gals,
Anyone know that fate of ROA based Potomac Air or the proposed start-up of DCAir? I had read somwhere that Potomac Air ceased operations in October. I live close to ROA where they have most of their crews based and use the USAirways (orginally built for Piedmont) maintenance hangar in ROA also. I applied for a job there, and wasn't hired, however, in hindsight I'd probably be out on the street right now.
DCAir was also rumored as DOA since 9-11, but it's difficult to get a lot of information on them. Obviously now is not the time to be a start-up carrier. However, it was my understanding that AA owned a portion of the stock and was furnishing F-100s to get the airline off the ground.
If any of you all have any information on either carrier I'd really appreciated you sharing it with me, thanks

DCAir and Potomac are no longer. Alot of that was for the proposed United/US Airways merger. Since that is not going to happen, they were shut down following a alter-ego lawsuit.
Pot air ceased ops and the aircraft were returned to Piedmont. Piedmont is hiring 75 FO's and we are opening a ROA domicile in Jan. Good luck! Regards, jetprop
ROA domicile?

I'd rather have that then our proposed PHL base.
Are any of your guys still on furlough?
PHL crewbase...interesting! Any rumblings of you guys getting dorkjets? (hope so!). Our furloughees are recalled and people are back in training. We are supposed to upgrade 40 captains by spring. We are getting the rest of our Dash-300's as well.
Regards, JetProp
DorkJets? Your funny.

Were to are getting more planes and thus hire like crazy. What gives. The three wholly owned seem to be getting more airplanes. Is something going on we dont know about?

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