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DC-9 Skydive

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Ah, yes - the Convention.........

Fun for the jumpers - a whole lotta work for the pilots !!!


Got a few hours on it while at Allegiant Air.
I used to fly into Quincy for Great Lakes. I was TDY there during the show many years ago. That year they had an Amerijet 727 hauling the skydivers. I flew the morning trip so I got done in the afternoon. I walked over to the 727 (still in uniform) and asked if I could "jumpseat" on one of their runs. The guys were great and said "Sure!" That was an awsome ride let me tell you. Especially on the way down :) We did have an incident at the show however. After we landed I saw some emergency vehicles driving out to 18/36. Apparently someone splatted right on the centerline. I was told it was the guy who invented that boogie board that they skydive with sometimes. He was their Chuck Yeager I was told. That night they auctioned off his stuff to raise money for his family. People were bidding like $10K for a single board. It was sureal....

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