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Dash 8 Cockpit Question?

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The Man
Nov 27, 2001
Is it just me...or is the Dash 8 cockpit a CRJ cockpit in terms of the size?

I'm not sure...but I'd like to know how roomy the Dash 8 cockpit is 100-200-300 series


where are the flight cases stored? (behind the center console...or next to each pilots seat like the CRJ?)

Thanks for the replies.
the Dash8 cockpit is a couple of inches smaller than a 737's. Someone else correct me if im wrong.
Having flown both the 737-200 and Dash-8-100, I personally feel that the Dash is a little roomier. Maybe not by the actual measurements, but the Dash cockpits are less cluttered and just feels bigger. The flight cases are stored next to the pilots in both aircraft. Hope this helps.

The Dash cockpit always felt larger than the CRJ's, more elbow and head room. In fact it can be kind of a strech reaching some of the switches when you are straped in. Flight bags are kept on either side of the pilots. Hope this helps
I liked both the Dash and the 737 cockpits, but both had massive center pedistals that made getting in the seats miserable. Also, both suffered from a lack of space for aircraft manuals. At Allegheny, I would have rather declared an emergency than dig for a manual out of the skeevy old flight bag on the floor of the cockpit. Having never set foot in a CRJ, I can't comment on it.
Continuing on with this, which one is bigger. Flightdeck I mean.

Dash 8
Dornier 328
Saab 340

I have seen the ATR and it looks smaller then the Dork, never seen the inside of the Dash, only DH and never peeked. Same for the Saab.

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