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Danish Air Force Compensates Santa

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Giggity giggity goo!!!
Oct 20, 2004
The funny thing is (to me, at least) we get this old hag who calls our school every once in a while, claiming that our airplanes are buzzing her cows and horses at 200 feet and they die of heart attacks, when in reality our planes are at 800 feet doing ground ref maneuvers!!!! and man is she mean....

Some old farmer came out and started hassling a buddy of mine for "buzzing his horses" in his 180 when in fact he was at 1000AGL making his way back from breakfast. He puts his hand up on the cowling like some country sheriff to make sure he had his man. Scary part was, he had a shotgun with him and was threatening to shoot him down for trespassing if he did it again. He was able to difuse the situation because he flies for SWA and is fluent in Redneck.
We have an section in one of our practice areas called the dowling no-fly zone. Some farmer threatened to shoot any airplane he saw over his farm. On my checkride, I accidently did G Ref circles over one of his barns. The Instructor let me know after the flight.
There was once an RF-4C from Bergstrom AFB that had a bullet hole found upon return from a low level.

They actually succeeded in finding the guy with the gun when the film was analyzed
A DPE friend tells a story of bringing a 152 back from a checkride with a nice hole in the elevator. Who says deer hunting and beer don't mix?

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