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Daniel Webster Aviation DONE.

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Well-known member
Aug 9, 2004
Looks like the aviation degree program will not be accepting any more students. Surprised no one brought that up here yet.....
Im sorry to hear this. I respected the program.
Geez, that article makes it all the sadder. I don't believe in these 'for profit' colleges. Either your business is education or education is your business.
Sad to hear that. I was an instructor there for a year and thought the program was pretty good. Probably a lot of very upset alumni out there.
This is just the beginning, I'm sorry to comment.
I read the article. I think higher education in the USA is starting a dangerous trend. Allowing dubious for-profit training centers to buy respected accreditation is apalling to me. The regional accreditation agencies should immediately insitutue a policy that whenever a change of ownership of an institution occurs, the institution must immediately begin the accreditation process again. That and perhaps make it a policy that they will only accredit non-profit educational facilities.

I also imagine that as this trend increases, as it no doubt will, the respected and established insitutions of higher education such as the Harvards, Yales and public universities will again stop accepting transfer credits from a place that is deemed a for profit 'school'.

I would also make sure my kids look hard and twice about enrolling in a small, private college for fear this may occur to them. Stick with a well respected national private university, or a state school.
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