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New member
Feb 10, 2002
Any info about Delta Air Lines?
Just wondering if anyone had any new information about how things were going over there.
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There will be 638 of us furloughed on April Fools Day. The company and the pilot union are in the arbitration process on this issue. Expecting resolution sometime mid-to-late April. Even if the company calls us all back I think it'll take a little bit of time for the snake to digest the pig.
:confused: Any word on how long it might take to get y'all back on the line? I was put in a "hiring pool" last June right before the hiring at DAL came to a stop. My UPAS expired this month, and I did not renew it (No need until they call y'all back).

I was just curious what you might have heard?

It all hinges on the results of the current grievance arbitration. Both sides submitted written briefs over the last two weeks. The arbitrator will convene in early April and we should know something after that. Also, from a fairly reliable source, the pilot hiring folks are looking at spinning up the office this fall with an eye toward interviewing, again, next spring. Of course, that is all probably speculative planning. Again, I think we'll know something, for better or worse, in mid-April.
Good luck!

Nothing would be better news then hearing DAL is recalling..My question is "Has your CEO finally decided not to push for 1400 furloughed Pilots?" I keep hearing this and hope that it is not true..From your post it sounds like things are looking better at DAL..

Hope to be back soon also
Delta has not started recalling yet. We still have another 73 being furloughed Arp 1 for a total of 638. The good news is that there have been no more fourlough anouncments yet. Hopfully we get some great news in Apr with the arbitration.
Just announced this morning, 107 more furloughs for May 1. I sure wish that hiring rumor was true, but it is going to be a long time before DAL hires again.
What date of hire will the furloughs be up to after 1 May. In other words, when would you have to of been hired in order to survive the cut? What about if it goes to 1400? Thanks

I only hope that there are no more furlough pilots for DAL..I would hate to see all you pilots on the street..

Question: Is Mr. Mullins still wanting to hit that 1400 pilots on the street number..Are you mainline flights still decreasing..

Just curious...I only hope for everyone sake no more pilots are furloughed..


Hope for no more at our airline....

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