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DAL Pilots - DeltaNet Question

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Nov 28, 2001
for those of you that have experience with DeltaNet and/or People PC, is it possible to use it with a WinXP system or is it only working on earlier versions of Windows? Thanks!

DeltaNet works fine with XP according to Rick Childs (The VPN Expert).

I wish you success!
thank you for the response.

does rick childs work for delta or people pc? is there a way i can contact him for questions?

are you aware of any special configuration issues regarding installation on an xp system? maybe not, since i take it you have not used it on a win xp system...

i asked this question because i have seen that delta's official word is that it IS NOT compatible and will not be in the near future. could be people pc's words, but that's what i've read, anyway.

along these lines, do i even HAVE to install that "people pc" stuff in order to connect to deltanet through the vpn connector?

thanks again!!!
Rick is a DFW 767 Capt.

Delta's "official" word is now that the VPN IS XP compatable (according to Capt. Kolshack).

To get the files you need , go to the DALPA website, click on pilots only, log in, click on the picture that says "Delta pilots taking care of their own" in the upper right hand corner, then click on the link that says VPN installation help.

Everything you need to know is there.

I've been running DeltaNet on XP Pro since November, works fine.
Thanks for the info guys, I appreciate it.

Not trying to beat a dead horse here, especially based on the responses you have given me, but according to the "wired workforce" section of DeltaNet:

"Windows XP
Existing Wired Workforce members should be aware that the new Windows XP
Operating System is not currently supported. If you upgrade to XP, you will lose
software support through PeoplePC, and your DeltaNet access will no longer work."

That's why I made the comment about Delta saying it is not supported on XP. It sounds like you have access to a workaround for that, if one is even required. It's unfortunate (it would appear) that it is not being made available to everyone else.

We are talking about the same thing here, right? Access to DeltaNet, TravelNet, eBid, etc?

Thanks again!
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Don't worry about what the people pc folks say... after Rick and some other pilots came up with how to make it work the company figured they better let all the other employees have it too lest the pilots be too special.

Yes, we're talking about the same thing....go to the above site. If you have any problems, email me and I'll talk you through it.

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