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DAL jumpseat status report?


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Nov 25, 2001
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Any changes to DAL offline J/S policy?

I need to get from ATL to DAB tomorrow night and Delta is the only game in town! Don't feel like driving from MCO.



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Dec 3, 2001
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No change at ASA, If you are not Mainline or Comair for j/s, then all empty seats in the back are yours. Go to the gate and they will set it up.

Broke in CVG

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Dec 11, 2001
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Better double check the ASA all empty seat policy.... the FAA security directive mandates only one offline jumpseater. THIS APPLIES TO ALL AIRLINES.

Here at Comair, I read in the ops notes a couple of days ago, and I remember this section as it was bold and underlined.... one jumpseater per aircraft. If it is Comair, ASA or DL then they can sit in the cockpit jumpseat only if all seats in the back are filled.

If they are offline they have to sit in the back. But one and only one jumpseater (pre 9/11 every seat was a js). If there are 49 seats filled we can't take the offline guy in the back and then put the CMR/DL/ASA guy up front with us. Be prepaird to buy those ID90s. And if the plane is empty, we can still only take one.


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Dec 5, 2001
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Not sure about Comair, but ASA will take multiple jumpseaters. And as you stated, if all are filled in the back, the actual jump seat may only be filled by a Delta, ASA, or Comair pilot. As I understand Delta's policy, they will only allow the number of jump seats available regardless of the number of empty seats. So in other words, if they only have two in the cockpit, only two jumpseaters. Of course, Delta pilots have priority, ASA and Comair next. Hope that helps.