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DAL Jumpseat Policy

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Dad is my favorite title
Nov 30, 2001
Could anyone tell me if DL is taking offline dispatchers as jumpseaters (or cabin riders or whatever the hell you want to call it now)?

Same question also applies to Comair.


Fly safe!
according to my flight ops. manual, "Dispatchers Employed by FAR Part 121/135 Air Carriers are Not authorized for travel on the jumpseat. In other words, only DL dispatchers.
wish it were different as I hate to see a jumpseat go out empty, but I don't make the rules. Good Luck!
DL737-800FO - you may not know, but is this new? (ie: after Sept 11th)

The reason I'm asking is that my company has/had an agreement with Delta for jumpseating (we're 121) for pilots and dispatchers.

Since my wife is a dispatcher at the same company, this is important information! She has jumpseated on Delta as recently as this summer, but hasn't tried since Sept 11th.

What about jumpseating but riding in the back?

Thanks -

Delta Comair, and ASA are taking offline flightcrews. Not cure about dispatchers.
The offline crewmwmbers may not occupy the cockpit jumpseat, so there must be a seat available in the cabin.
Delta can only take as many jumpseaters as there are cockpit jumpseats.
ASA and CMR can take as many jumpers as there are available seats in the cabin
This is current (post 9-11) info.
In response to your question, that bulletin we received was dated October 11, 2001 so I guess that has changed since 9-11 for other 121 dispatchers.
Are you sure Delta can take "as many as there are seats" or do they still have the "one jumpseater per plane" rule.


AlbieF15 said:
Are you sure Delta can take "as many as there are seats" or do they still have the "one jumpseater per plane" rule.



Albie my boy....

Jumpseat Lesson #1

"Stingy" major airlines such as Delta, AA, CAL, etc, only allow as many jumpseat riders as there are PHYSICAL jumpseats on board the aircraft. For example, the CAL 737-800 has only 1 jumpseat, thus only 1 jumpseat rider, regardless of how many seats are open in the back. Our 737-500's have 2 jumpseats on board, so 2 jumpseaters can ride. Same goes for the 757, 767, and 777. Most majors have similiar policies. Most regionals and nationals have the "open seat, open rider" policy. 50 seats open? 50 jumpseaters. I haven't quite figured out why the disparity in the agreements. Something about pissing off non-pilot nonrevs from what I understand. Though if jumpseaters are boarded after all nonrevs are boarded, I don't see why they let seats go unfilled.


PS - This is a disclaimer that the beginning of my post contained sarcasm. I am grateful to be able to ride on the majors and get a jumpseat when its available.

Thanks for the info.

For what it's worth, AirTran is the jumpseat of choice for my FedEx buddies. Nice folks, nice planes, and they actually act like they are glad you are onboard. Same act at JetBlue...

Now...jumpseats are a privledge, I know....but I've heard that (unnamed major carrier) has been know to "have an attitude" with some of my bros. One Capt gave a FedEx newhire trying to get home quite a bit of grief (..."so...you couldnt' get on with a MAJOR, eh....."you guys need to talk to your company about why WE can't jumpseat with YOU"...blah blah blah) Then obviously GAY flight attentant pipes in with "We USUALLY don't have our jumpseaters in FIRST class..."

Its enough to make you say *&(*# it and either wait for the AirTran flight or just drive.
Aww Albie,

Don't get down before you even hit the merge! I've jumped on every major but Airways and most of the regionals and nationals and I've never had a problem. Sometimes you're told bluntly to "just find seat in the back, welcome aboard." And other times the crew goes out of their way to help you out, stow your bags, get you a first class seat, drink, etc. It just depends. I've yet to encounter a pr-ck yet, but I've only been at it for just under 2 years. Oddly enough, some of the worst experiences I've had were on my own mainline because of the obvious issues that exist between us and them. So much for unity. Some of my best experiences were offline because they tend to treat you like a guest. They want to show off their "product."

Some tips from a non-commuter (but I do travel a lot):

1) always act overly grateful/humble
2) dress accordingly or overdress (worst case is the captain tells you to take the silly tie off)
3) if you can, bring food/candy for the crew. I've found candy works incredibly well with FA's. Especially homebaked goods. :D
4) ALWAYS thank the whole crew on your way out and wait until all revenue passengers have deplaned, prior to your own deplaning.
5) get down the jetway early if you can. FA's might be willing to stow your bag for you prior to boarding. Very Key!

You'll get comfortable with it over time. I just hope we can get cockpit jumpseat privileges back soon.


Looking forward to giving you the Archer ride....too bad you can't reciprocate in your Eagle. :)

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