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DAL Jumpseat Changes FEB 1st????

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Contract 2020????
Aug 14, 2004
Had a gate agent this morning in ATL inform me that the cockpit jumpseat on DAL aircraft will be restricted to DAL pilots only starting FEB 1st. I aked about offline cass pilots and was told they could occupy the cabin but not the cockpit after FEB 1st. Any validity here or just another gate agent spewing the usual crap they never understand?
There's a buddy pass embargo around that date. Not a stretch to think the agent could be that far off...
They embargoed Buddy Pass rides over the few dates surrounding the cutover of the NWA stock to DAL stock.

There has been nothing about that and I cannot see that happening as it would nullify all of our reciprocal agreements.
Power trip.
Perhaps she one of those welfare people DAL seems to love to hire in ATL. Actually that is all of ATL, now that I think about it.

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