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DAL interview was cnx 6/2001

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Jun 21, 2002
Due to early retirments of their 727's and additional downsizing, interviews at DAL were cancelled. I spoke with Plato prior to him becoming a consultant for Delta. He said that they will do their best to preserve the records of those who had interviews. When hiring begins again, those pilots will be called back first. I called several months ago and spoke with Frank. He also said that is their goal. I was wondering if anyone else has heard any encouraging news regarding the above, or anything else regarding DAL. For those of you that I worked with preparing for the interview, thanks for your help and information. Ken
First off, come July we will have 805 pilots on furlough so I don't think interviews are going to be happening any time soon. Next, I'm sure you're not going to be happy to hear but historically after a furlough or lull in hiring, once it starts again it's a bunch of familiar names in the interiew pile. Meaning all the son, daughters, and cousins of Delta employee's. If Plato comes back to the hiring department and he told you that then I would imagine that is what he will try and do. That's the kind of guy he is, but with the industry the way it is today there is no telling what is going to happen next.
AS a june 3 interview, at DAL, and a current furloughed pilot, we were told that anyone with a job offer was to be first when we spoolled back up, as they stopped classes as of 7/16/01. Then anyone who was offered an interview would then get them, and I had a couple friends who were in your position waiting. (THIS WAS ALL PRE 9/11)

That being said, I don't know that I would wait around if you can get on with Fed Ex, Southwest, UPS, go for it. I fear that it will be a long time till we hit the training center (2005 is my opinion), and even longer until they decide to hire. I hope I am wrong, but do the math they can train 50 a month so they say, so that is 16 months, and they say that they need a pilot furloughed 6 months so that is now 22 months. So, that would be April 2004 at the minimium.
good point

good point,,,,, the Delta pilots that I know that are out say with their number they would be lucky to get back by 3rd or 4yth quarter of 03.

My opinion is that it will be a new ballgame at that time. I am sure that no one originally thought that things would be going to drag out this long and that the recovery would take so long to get going.

You should operate on the assumption that things will start over.
I agree, but disagree......

I agree that one sould continue to search for employment elsewhere, FedX, Ups, SWA...... I disagree with the statement that the interview process will begin with a fresh start. My disagreement is based on conversations I have had with the previous mentioned names. I guess we will see in the years to come. Thank you for your input.

I am not sure that Frank or Plato or anyone else at Delta for that matter can assure you that they will have anything to do with the process next year, or two, or three from now. That was my point.
I am sure Frank will have a lot to do with hiring again. These guys don't just say things, if they said they will start with the people who were already invited for an interview then they probably will.

My guess is it will be a little while until Delta starts hiring again, but things happen quick in the industry. Once one airline does something the rest usually try to follow suit. Look for hiring to begin in 2005 at the worst.

The rumor mill is reporting that we have people in Europe and Brazil looking for a 100 seat jet for the future. Hopefully it will not just replace existing ones.

I was not implying that they did not say what was attibuted just that if they do not start til 2005, who knows who will be running pilot recruiting or what the deal will be.

Frank, Wayne, Plato, they all may be there and then again they might not. Plato is not an employee, Wayne is flying the line. Anything can happen.

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