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DAL in Africa

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Nov 26, 2001

Was departing Bamako, Mali this afternoon. It is a "Control" frequency (like a Center). As we were departing, in the first 30 minutes, I counted THREE separate DAL flights on that one frequency. Wow!

I think that later there were several more with Accra also. We were flying from Bamako (which is in the Western interior) to Lome, Togo, which is on the coast, between Accra and Lagos. Lome is our home base.

Keep those Africa flights coming...good business there, that's for sure!

Africa is an untouched treasure trove! Hope DAL continues to get some of that treausure!

Keep calling it what you want to, but treasure; C'mon I've been all over the continent and not found any treasure! Well, maybe the olive fields around Tunis. I will say that the prices for any and everything where the white people are would make you think it was treasure.


P.S. The last time I was on a flight between ATL and Dakar, the crew looked pretty "not so senior."
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It is WRONG to say Africa is a cesspool, as Africa is so large, and so different. I was in downtown Brazzaville, and the difference between that and Nairobi and Lome, and Juba (Southern Sudan) are night and day.

It is like visiting Hollywood and then saying ALL OF AMERICA is just like Hollywood!

You can go to places in the US with only dirt roads and little shacks (or NO signs of human habitation for miles), but that is not how America is throughout the whole country!

PS-Where I am, Lome, parts of it ARE like a cesspool....That is why there are the tourists and tourist hotels here: 0 and 0. I was at the travel agency a few days ago, and the lady was looking at me really strangely. She finally asked me: "What are YOU doing HERE????" Hahahaha...joke's on me!
LOL-no it really is a cesspool (what is a cesspool, by the way?) Off to Poor Richards....

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