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Cut & Paste Resume(s)

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Well-known member
Dec 11, 2001
I've been filing online resumes with JetBlue and UPS for sometime now. On both airlines web pages, there is a place where the job seeker can cut and paste his resume.

My resume looks great on Microsoft Word, however when I cut and paste it to either the JetBlue or UPS web site it looks awful (columns and lines are not where they should be, etc.).

Does anyone know what UPS or JetBlue see when they look at my online resume? Do I need to reformat the resume before 'cut & paste'?
I was wondering that, too. Wish I had the 1000 hrs. PIC turbine for Jet Blue, but I'm working on it! You must have upgraded quick somewhere, with only 2200TT! Good luck with JB and UPS!
I review resumes for a living right now. So here's my take. I'm sure when they view your resume, they get the crappy cut and paste one. Since this is the format they ask you to submit it in, it probably does not lose you any points. I can also say that as someone who does this all day long, people spend way too much time worrying about what their resume looks like. The MOST important things on a resume are:

1.) The information that the reviewer wants should be very easy to find and read.
2.) Pretty much all other information should be omitted.

When your resume reformats itself, it may detract from the 1st criterion. To this end, instead of cutting and pasting, I would re-type the whole thing keeping in mind this first point. Also, since the topic of resumes came up, I'll give a couple of other tips.

-NEVER type paragraphs. Nobody reads them, and a reviewer is more likely to miss information that you wanted them to see becuase he will be skimming the paragraphs instead of reading them. Bullet points are much better.
-The resume is not an interview. Keep it concise, you are trying to get an interview, where an interviewer will ask for more information if needed. Keep it short and concise. (for aviation purposes this means ONE PAGE.) Don't include your job at Home Depot if it's going to take you to page 2.
-Last one.. Don't include references, or even mention that they're available upon request. We KNOW they are available. If we want them we'll ask for them. It just takes up room on your resume.

If anyone wants help with a resume, send a private msg, and I'd be happy to review it and give you my .02. I currently recruit faculty for a university. Not quite like reviewing pilot resumes, but I'm sure I share some resume pet peeves with pilot recruiters.
Would agree with what brian states. As an employeer I don't want a life story. Quick and to the point bullets about what you have accomplished and with who.

Use the format they give you. There are probably a few key fields they will look at the pre-screen for call backs. If you change it up it could get trashed. If that means re-typing it then spend the 5 minutes to retype in their fields. This is why most companies have you fill out an application so its one format to see what they want. Also, in some states, its by law to have an application on file but thats besides the point.

A resume isn't something you want to be different from the crowd on. Thats where the interview comes into play.

Good luck.
If you do retype it, cut and paste the retype and save it in a word doc as it was online. That way if you need to send it again you can cut and paste your original text that was online without having to retype it and the fields should stay the same.

I hope that makes sense.
I haven't done this...but you might try saving your resume as a web page...Word should have no problem doing this...then when you cut and past it it will format itself, I hope...like I said I haven't tried it but it would be worth a shot.

I'd just add that it is vital to use a standard pilot resume form for your resume.

Put your name and contact information at the top. The next line should have an objective line. I always put on Flight Officer. The next section should have your certificates and ratings. After that, a flight time breakdown with your total at the top or at the top of the left hand column. Finally, below your flight time breakdown, list your employment history BRIEFLY.

Recruiters are used to seeing a standard format which they read beginning at the top. They scan the top half to see if the applicant meets the basic requirements. Don't deviate - it could cause your resume, and hopes and dreams, to land in the round file.

Just my .02. Brian, any thoughts?

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